When trying to get people to listen to your music you need to determine whether or not it is worth getting them excited about it. This can be very hard to do because it is your own music and of course you think it is!

But it is very important to be objective and ask yourself the following things:

  • How good is your recording quality compared to the most popular artists in your genre (say top 10%)?
  • Are you doing something unique or are you using a tried and tested formula?
  • Is your voice likable and do you have a tone that people would enjoy?
  • Are the beats you’re singing or rapping over of a good enough quality?

Try Asking yourself these things and compare your music to others, i know that this is very hard to do. It is very hard judging yourself as a musician but it is an essential skill to learn!.

A good practice is to try recording yourself via video. Spot your bad habits, and look objectively at things that may make you look and sound unprofessional. What succesful artists you admire in your genre do is a great pointer in the right direction of what you could be doing. How ever you don’t want to copy them because people spot it right away. Let’s get real here for a moment.. If the music you publish is worse than what other people make (Or at least very close to it) then you will have an uphill battle getting people to even listen to your music. We don’t say this to discourage you in any way, but keep in mind that you have to keep practicing! Releasing poorly made music will make people stop listening to you next time.

When you are making quality songs, don’t just blast them on twitter and what not.. Test it on a few fans of your genre first! You might learn a thing or two from them in terms of making it better and focus on becoming a better artist.

The biggest mistake so many artists do is to just pump out song upon song just to have a catalog. If people go to your music page on soundcloud and hear one bad song, do you think they are going to listen to your other 20 songs? Further more they will definitely Not come back to hear what you release in the future. One quality song is better than 1000 bad ones!