Most artists find it difficult to sell their music in the age of Spotify and Itunes etc, often it can feel like a waste of time.

Below we have gathered 5 effective ways to make the most of your online digital music presence, and your relationship with your dedicated fans. The following tips are useful, and when done right can lead to a significantly greater income, and a larger online presence.

1. Sell direct through website

This is the most obvious one. As an artist You need a way for fans to purchase your music. There is Absolutely no excuses! There are unlimited ways to sell your product online. For selling beats and tracks we have found these two brilliant services

Sell Beats 
Sell Tracks

The first one will allow you to embed an automated beat player on to your website, giving your visitors the opportunity to buy your beats even when you are offline. The second one offers a streamlined and affordable music distribution service where artists can easily release music on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, eMusic and MediaNet.

2. Sale pricing and discount codes

Taking advantage of holidays and special occasions can make you sell more. Running special limited offers on your store can make you convert visitors into buying customers, since people like to save money!.

Along with special offers using discount codes is another great way to increase your conversion rate, especially for new interested visitors. People are more likely to buy from you if they get a discount. Most people are simply on skeptical and need a some extra incentive to push them over.

3. YouTube as a business card

Most people think of youtube as way to make money with google Adsense. In a world with ads ALL OVER THE PLACE we highly recommend NOT putting ads on your videos. Instead you should consider your videos business cards, and lead the viewer on to your website or online services. This can be done really easy by adding some links etc. in the description Like in the image below.

Joy Ike YouTube

Whether your’e a producer who just uploaded a beat or a singer promoting a new album, inserting links to your website/online services can be a great way to encourage viewers to get that specific beat or album.

4. Digital bundles

When you start having a decent amount of songs/beats in your catalog, you can sell even more of them if you bundle them together. If you sell one album for $12, then 2 should be $20 and 3 should be $25. (this is an example) This way you will make less money per bundle, but in the long run you will sell more beat/track bundles generating more profit.

5. Mailing List

All the internet marketers out there say that the money is in the list! And no matter what you think, its true. All the biggest corporations and organizations use it, so there must be something to it right? Now you might be wondering how you can utilize email listing. The concept is simple, you build your list, set up campaigns and over time you will get more targeted traffic and conversions. People who continually get reminded about you, your music and your career in general, will either become your greatest supporters or unsubscribe from your list. Let me give you an example:

Mr x got a list with 10.000 email contacts on it.

He then send out an email containing a link to buy his new song.

1% of the people who got the email buy his song,The song was sold 100 times! 

It is important to Always include links to your social accounts, Online Store,  iTunes, YouTube in your newsletter. Because they will get you more traffic!

Getting started building a list is really straight forward. Below is a link to the best Email list service i have found. You get Unlimited email campaigns and up to 2.000 subscribers for FREE!

Start your Email List

If you need help setting up an opt in form etc. with this service you can find a ton of help online, remember google is your friend.

We hope you found this post useful and share it with your fellow artists.

Sincerely The Sick Promo Team